Howard D. Williams, Pres.
Stutz Bearcat Automobile Company
Stutz Bearcat Vintage Racing Automobile Company
Proudly announce the Historic recreation of 
The 1914 Stutz Bearcat

The Stutz Bearcat Route 66 Great Race Is a Rally Race from California to Chicago of Model A Fords competing against these 1914 Stutz Bearcats.

                              ...the Romance     
                              ...the Glamour  
                              ...the EXCITEMENT! 

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Howard D. Williams the entrepreneur who created the original Great American Race, made famous by Interstate Batteries is currently seeking vintage automobile enthusiasts to enter their Classic automobiles in the Route 66 Great Race.

Relive those days with your own classic automobile in the
The Route 66 Great Race.  From California to Chicago.

Like the famous drivers of yesterday, You'll be competing
against a field of other vintage automobile enthusiasts, all of whom will experience the Stutz Bearcat Route 66 Great Race.  











The Stutz Bearcat Route 66 Great Race 
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                   The Cord Automobile Company
              A Design That Time Cannot Forget.

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