1969 Cord Royale - Owner Keith Beers - Dallas, Texas


Below are photos, present and past, of the Cord Automobile.  The Cord Automobile pictures featured here are the cars manufactured from the mid 60's, known as the Sportsman 8/10, and the late 60's and 1970 S.A.M.C.O. Warrior and Royale models.

                 The only SAMCO Cord built with a Chrysler 426 Hemi engine. Presently being restored. Owned by Randy & Dee Reynolds - Vidor, Texas. Photo courtesy of Dee Reynolds

                                                                         1970 Cord originally owned by Felton Jarvis. Photo courtesy of Sonny Gaddis - Winchester, Tennessee. c.1972Cord Warrior - Owner Herve A. Llucia - Lyon, France                                                                                                                                       



1966 Cord Sportsman 8/10 serial number 37 - Owned by Dale Williams - Oklahoma City, OK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

1966 Cord Sportsman 8/10 Serial No. 92 - Owned by Felix DeGeyter - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Photo courtesy of the Williams Cord photo collection.

                            1968 Cord Warrior - Owner Herve Llucia - Lyons, France                                             

                                                                   1966 Cord 8/10 Sportsman Serial No. 68 - Owner Felix DeGeyter, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - Photo courtesy of the Williams Cord photo collection.                                                                                                                                                                             











1969 Cord Warrior - Owner Mike Marmon - Pasco, Washington

1968 Cord SAMCO - Richard Triska - Vienna, Austria.


   1970 Cord Royale - Owner Richard Sprech - Port St. Lucie, Florida. Photo courtesy of Richard Sprech









1969 Cord Warrior interior




      1968 Cord - One of 13 early SAMCO model Cords with recessed headlights. Photo courtesy of Dale Williams photo collection. c.1969.


1969 Cord Warrior1970 Cord Royale - Owners Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rohm - Aliquippa, Pennsylvania





Early model 1968 Cord SAMCO. Photo courtesy of Bill Radtke, Cross Creek, Florida


1970 Cord Royale - Photo courtesy of Texas Classic Cars Of Dallas. Dallas, Texas

1969 Cord Royale - Owned by Fred Oltmanns - Otis, Oregon






                   1969 Cord Royale - David and Sadie Ware, Cleveland, Tenn.





                                                                         1969 Cord Royale - Palm Springs, CA1969 Cord Royale owned by Art Fletcher, Attica, Indiana





Video snapshot from the NBC Series "A Man Called Sloane" starring Robert Conrad.  A Cord SAMCO was used in the series during its short-lived television run which aired in 1979.      






     Background scene of a 1969 Cord Warrior from the 1987 movie "Like Father, Like Son" starring Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron.      





   1970 Cord Royale - Miami, Florida





      Clip from the 1975  movie "Deadly Encounter".             









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