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Over a generation ago Gorden M. Buehrig designed an ageless prestigious automobile.  It was unexcelled in style and performance ...the year was 1936 and the car was the front wheel drive Cord, Model 810.  In those days the Cord owner drove his car with a pride of ownership apart from any other motorist, and if he is still driving it today, his social status has not suffered for he has unusually good taste wherever he goes.  More than seven decades have passed since the Cord had its debut, and all these years of automotive progress lie between us and the first car.  Now, applying the modified use of an outstanding design, with the wheel base scaled down to eight-tenths size of the original car, combined with years of progress in the industry, we are again presenting a car for a new millennium and a new generation of auto enthusiasts.  No other car has ever captured the public awareness for esteem and prestige, both then and now.


       1966 Cord Sportsman 8/10  
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