The Stutz Bearcat Route 66 Great Race is best described as a European-style road rally conducted under sanctioned rules.  The automobiles will start at Oklahoma City, pass thru Tulsa, Joplin, Springfield, St. Louis, and finish in Chicago.  

The automobiles competing will be the Stutz Bearcats with maybe as many as 400 other antique automobiles entered by private owners from across the country.  

The proposed event will be custom tailored to you company.  Sponsorship events, especially automobile racing, street rod exhibitions, antique automobile auctions, road rallies and air shows have gained great popularity while providing sponsors exposure of their products to live audiences and live media.  Depending upon the event, participants, and how they are staged, help sponsors get the most exposure for their products.

The thousands of hours that have gone into the planning of The Stutz Bearcat Route 66 Great Race have allowed the originator to make it unique with massive free publicity which will gain the attention of both the young and old.  Everyone that has come into contact with this promotion wants to somehow participate.

This particular event will add prestige to the sponsor because of the ease in which publicity is captivated.  
Some of the ways a sponsor can benefit include the following:

  • The race is played as a free publicity and exposure event with each day ending with a press conference.
  • It can include both young and old participants and every city or town along the route, can be involved.
  • Leading up to the event can be a store promotion with poster-type participation that can pay for itself with the sale of posters, shirts, caps, etc.
  • The road rally will cover a number of major markets with populations over 15 Million:
  • We will offer promotional services to the major sponsors and allow each radio station and a local car dealer to be a local sponsor. 
  • By trading to each radio station the exclusive franchise for each station's market, the race will become a 13 week radio promotion offering a substantial amount of free publicity.

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